A wedding is an important episode in our lives and the Hakka place more emphasis on the wedding customs, such as “have the blind date” and “check family background “and “visit bride’s home after wedding”, implying traditional inheritance and meaning. This process will be experienced during the wedding on the site as it not only presents the Hakka care about the wedding vow and family ethics values, but also promotes Hakka traditional cultures as well as spirits to the public.

Kaohsiung has hosted the Hakka blue blouse group weeding solely over 5 years consecutively. In 2016, the couples increased from 10 pairs to 50 pairs winning many praises. This year 50 pairs are invited and we have professional designers to make fashionable wedding dresses mixing traditional tone. When it comes to the wedding ritual, the traditional customs such as “the bride serves tea,”“have flowers in the hair” and “add the lantern” are certain to highlight Hakka uniqueness. The young Hakka generation and those who are interested surely encounter real Hakka culture upon involving this wedding. Furthermore, the public wedding welcomes people to witness and bless. Hakka wedding will be believed to be a public event for those who are interested to take part in. We also plan photo-shooting tours for the newlyweds to lift tourism in Kaohsiung.